Social Media’s Sizeable Impact on Sports Memorabilia

Whether you love it, or leave it, there is no questioning the influence social media has on our society. It can help dictate trends, change the narrative of major world events, or serve as a broad communication tool for public figures. Of course, social media has also found its footing in the sports memorabilia world.

Let’s be Social, Shall we?

After years away from the hobby, a friend’s amazing memorabilia-filled man cave inspired me to get back into seeking sports signatures. At first, though, it was a struggle for me to figure out who I could trust when it came to purchasing product or attending in-person signings. Looking back on that time, I now realize just how vital outlets like Facebook and Instagram were to me re-entering the game.

Once I developed an understanding of the sports memorabilia market available to me in Southern Ontario, I began to follow reputable retailers/dealers on Facebook and Instagram. I soon would become privy to their nearby events, promotions and sales. As any collector could tell you, having this type of information readily pop up on your feeds is both a blessing and a curse.

The upside to having such awareness is that you never miss out on an opportunity to meet your favourite players, or purchase collectibles of them. On the downside, having this much knowledge available to you can put a hurting on your cash flow – depending on your level of will power.

From a sports memorabilia business’ perspective, social media can be quite the marketing tool if used in the proper manner. The posts these businesses create must be engaging, informative, relevant, visually pleasing, and when applicable, a little off the wall. However, what’s arguably the most important factor here is keeping the lines of communication open. Thus, it’s crucial for these businesses to readily engage with customer questions, concerns, or compliments.

Fans Helping Fans

Social media also helps sports memorabilia collectors learn more about the intricacies of the hobby, as well as the triumphs that can come along with it.

I am a part of a wide-ranging hockey autographs collectors’ group on Facebook. Some individuals use their access to the group to buy, sell, or trade autographs. Others, meanwhile, request and share information designed to make everyone a better and smarter collector.

I’ve seen lengthy conversations over which pens are best for puck autographs. I’ve witnessed significant dialogue on how to get autographs from certain players without having to pay for them through a show or retailer. I’ve also enjoyed threads discussing positive and negative encounters with players.

One of the most helpful aspects of a group like this is its interest in ensuring people are collecting, sharing, or selling credible autographs. If someone ever has a question about an autograph’s authenticity, people are more than willing to offer an opinion and help that person get the information they require.

Yes, some might view social media as an addictive forum for endless scrolling and burning eyes. But, for those who love to buy or sell sports memorabilia, it can be heaven on the screen. When I look at my collection today, I can’t help but think of the opportunities I would’ve missed had I been off the grid.

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