Take Advantage Of Our 40,000 Plus Monthly Visitors By Listing In The Fans Classifieds.



Create an account to list, buy, sell or trade. Registering also gives you access to bid in all auctions but not to list lots.


Customers who have already registered in the past to bid in the auctions do not need to do so again. You will have to contact us to update your account to selling status. Usernames and passwords will remain the same if you are a current customer. Those who have forgotten their passwords should simply contact us by phone or by email. You must have a valid credit card to register.

STEP 1. Go to The Fan Auctions home page and click on register. Enter all mandatory areas marked with a red *


You may begin listing as soon as you have an account set up and it is verified.

STEP 2. Log into your account and then click on “Sell”

STEP 3. Select the “CLASSIFIEDS” category then COUNTRY – PROVINCE/STATE and CITY. Then choose the sport. Next, under “LISTING TYPE” choose Classified. If any other listing type is selected your listing will be removed. Next choose “COUNTRY” under regions. If you live in a country other than Canada select your countries currency and the press the blue “NEXT” button.

On the second page enter a title and description. It is a good idea to enter any third party authentication in the subtitle field. Ad up to 10 images.

Your classified ad has a one time fee of $1.00 regardless of asking price. There are no commissions on the sale. There are several listing options you can choose to help your listing stand out. They are as follows:

Featured – $25.00 – Your Listing will be randomly displayed on the homepage

Bold Title  –  Free – Add a Bold style to your listing’s title in search results.

“SALE” Banner – $0.50 – Add a banner to your listing.

Highlight  –  $0.50  –  Highlights your listing to stand out

Next, select from the duration drop down menu “GOOD ‘TIL CANCELLED” and the press create “CREATE LISTING”

Payment and Delivery

Methods of payment and delivery are to be established between the seller and purchaser. PayPal payments can be made through The Fan Auctions by adding your PayPal email into the payments section of your account.

Within your account, scroll down and in the bottom left column under “Listing Preferences” click on Payment. Check “Allow Instant Checkout”, “Accept PayPal” and enter your PayPal address. Click “SAVE”.

Need more information? Contact us